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My name is Iveta Liovinaite. As the Managing Director of Enlighten Hope I am very privileged to lead such a determined and driven team in the research, development and marketing of what we believe to be one of the most inspirational, yet valuable products which has come to the market in recent times. As a contributor to Young Enterprise Northern Ireland I have been exposed to the real world of business which has enabled me to develop and gain an enormous amount of skills and qualities.  My heart is warmed with the thought of the potential joy that our adventure stories can bring to little lives.

My name is Sean Kelly. As Marketing Director of Enlighten Hope i am thrilled to be able to promote such an inspirational company both online and on the ground everyday! I believe immensely in our products, based on my own personal belief that people that do beautiful and inspiring things for others will always be repaid in knowing in their own hearts that our amazing story books are helping so many kids and families/carers. Describing this journey in three words is simple; Inspirational, Breathtaking and Worthwhile.

Our Team

My name is Mrs Hughes. As the teacher of the Enlighten Hope team it is my great privilege to be lead by such an inspirational and dedicated group of young people. Their desire to help those in need motivates me and makes my job a joy to do. I really hope you will be blessed as much by the product they have created as I have been in observing them at work.

My name is Wioletta Golebiowska, I am the Information Technology Director within Enlighten Hope. I am extremely proud of my role as I deliver technical support for my team by giving IT solutions and training. With the use of my graphic design skills I am able to collaborate with our Marketing Director to raise awareness of our company and to fulfill our overall aim. Furthermore, with my IT skills I was able to be part of the production of the amazing little story books. Enlighten Hope has made me realise a lot in relation to helping others, i feel truly motivated to take any opportunity now or in the future which will help or support anyone. 

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